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Manaboy223 Manaboy223 27 December 2020

VOICEROID Development Ending

It seems that AHS is no longer developing VOICEROID according to Bumpy (One of the key people involved in Yukari's development).



This may explain why Koharu Rikka made the move from VOICEROID to CeVIO AI and may also explain why AHS has been focussing on CeVIO AI Talk voicebanks.This may also be the reasoning for The Kotonoha's and Iori Yuzuru being moved to AI VOICE https://aivoice.thebase.in/

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Bunai Di Bunai Di 27 February 2020

Updating the wiki's appearance

Hello, newly adopter of the VOICEROID Wiki as of 2020 February.

I did a quick color and main page change but I am still working on a proper theme. I tried to match the color of the current VOICEROID engine, which is red and white. I was going to do blue to match AH-Software's logo but the VOCALOID Wiki has a similar color at the moment, so any suggestions for the VOICEROID Wiki are welcomed.

Thank you. -- Bunai Di (talk) 21:11, February 27, 2020 (UTC)

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Drchoi21 Drchoi21 20 December 2017

To US Voiceroid Community


First, I would like to introduce myself as the founder of Voiceroid Streamer Wiki which was founded just weeks ago.

I'm here as the representitive of Voiceroid Community in South Korea and parts of Japan (but mostly Korea).

Would anybody be interested in any of the "let's play..." jikkyou/voiceroid gameplay videos translated to english and uploaded for sample with the permission from original creator?

The voiceroid community in the West is small, partially due to the fact that not many people can access these videos without the knowledge of Japanese, so I would like to help if possible, by translating some of those videos with original creator's permission.

Let me know your thoughts, because I for one would love to see voiceroid communit…

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PrincessDaisyFan99 PrincessDaisyFan99 11 October 2016

Voiceroid Idea

What If Novi Stars Was Succesful And Mae Tallick Added To Voiceroid Collection She Was Voiced By A Teenager Girl

What Do You Think?

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Taboo6938 Taboo6938 29 September 2012

Community Messages Box

Ok so you know how we have that Community Messages thing on the Wiki Activity page? I was thinking of getting that up and running, so to speak. Problem is that other than something along the lines of listing the admins and maybe putting a notice out that we're looking for 2(?) rollbackers, I'm not really sure what to write. Any ideas? :/

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NasuHime NasuHime 20 September 2012


I tried making a template Infobox for Voiceroids. That was the first time I've ever tried to make a template. Complete failure. I knew it was going to be difficult....I....give up. For now anyways. So frustrating....:(

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