Kyomachi Seika
Kyomachi Seika May13
Biographical information
Profile Female, 23 y.o., 151.5 cm
Technical information
Release date June 10, 2016
Website Product page

Kyomachi Seika (京町セイカ) is a VOICEROID and is referred to as a mascot character for Seika, Kyoto in Japan, making her design similar to Touhoku Zunko. Her voice provider is Rika Tachibana of the production group Tsukurujyo.[1]

Voice descriptionEdit

Her voice is listed to be quite upbeat and energetic but not as upbeat as Zunko, rather calmer like Yukari.

Voice samplesEdit



A crowd raising campaign began in late November to raise money for her to become a VOICEROID, the amount needed was ‎¥2,000,000 (roughly $16,000 U.S.) by December 27, 2015.[2] Within a day of starting, she raised more than ¥610,500 between just 9 backers, with one back donating ¥500,000. Within a few more days, she reached ¥ 903,000. Despite the fundraiser reaching it's required goal, backers continued to donate and raised over 50% than expected, reaching a total over ¥3,000,000. At the closing date, she had ¥4,038,500 raised; more then double the amount she required to become a Voiceroid.[3]


  • Is the second VOICEROID to be produced with a crowdfunding campaign.



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