Minase Kou
Minase Kou
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Profile Male
Illustrator Kazukiyone
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Release date October 29, 2015
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Minase Kou (水奈瀬コウ) is a Japanese VOICEROID+ EX voicebank by AH-Software Co. Ltd.. He is capable of speaking and was released October 29, 2015.

His voice provider has never been revealed.


Kou is described as a gentle teacher who is good at weaving proverbs into his words. His subject specialty is in Japanese language, and he enjoys playing basketball.[1]

He and his older brother have a good relationship with each other.


Kou's family name, Minase, doesn't have a clear origin. The kanji can be broken up into "mizu" (水), "na" (奈), and "se" (瀬) - the first and last of which respectfully can mean "water" and "rapids" or "shallows", indicating a water theme. The second kanji, "na," could be a reference to the city of Nara, or the Nara prefecture (奈良).

"Kou" is a common, gender neutral first name.


Kou is an adult with orange hair and blue eyes. He wears a white dress shirt beneath a green hoodie with a brown jacket that goes over it, as well as a red tie and pink headphones. A pair of red glasses hangs from the breast pocket of his brown jacket. He wears baggy purple pants and white shoes with pink accents and brown laces.

In his boxart, he's seen carrying a notebook with "academic diary" written on it, as well as a pointer with a white cat paw at the tip.


  • Family - Older brother.
  • Hiyama Kiyoteru - Fellow teacher at the same school.



Work in Progress


Minase Kou
A masculine vocal that is described as clear and easy to understand.





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