The people listed on this page are those who were hired to provide the designs for a VOICEROID product. Names are rendered in Western order.

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Koharu Rikka: Nari Teshima[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Koharu Rikka.jpg

Nari Teshima (手島nari) was the illustrator for VOICEROID2 Koharu Rikka, as well as Rikka's Synthesizer V packages.

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Tsuina-chan: Saki Oohenri[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Tsuina.png

Saki Oohenri (大辺璃紗季) is the illustrator of Tsuina-chan and is her creator. They are in charge of everything related to Tsuina-chan.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • They are also heavily involved with Hinomoto Oniko and was part of her project team.

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Minase Kou: Kazukiyone[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Minase Kou.jpg

Kazukiyone (カズキヨネ) is the illustrator of Minase Kou.

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Kotonoha twins and Iori Yuzuru: Yoshida Yoshitsugi[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg VOICEROID2 Kotonoha.png Voiceroid2 iori illust.png

Yoshida Yoshitsugi (吉田ヨシツギ) is the illustrator of Kotonoha Akane & Aoi (both VOICEROID+ and VOICEROID2 packages as well as their Synthesizer V packages) and Iori Yuzuru.

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The Tohoku sisters: Edomura Ninico[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Zunko Illustration.png
Kiritan.png Voiceroid2 itako illust.jpg

Edomura Ninico (江戸村ににこ) is the illustrator of Tohoku Zunko, Tohoku Kiritan, and Tohoku Itako, as well as Zunko's VOCALOID packages and other characters related to the Tohoku project.

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Yuzuki Yukari and Kizuna Akari: Juu Ayakura[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Yukari VOICEROID2 illust.jpg Kizuna Akari.png

Juu Ayakura (文倉十) is the illustrator of Yuzuki Yukari (both VOICEROID+/EX and VOICEROID2 packages) and Kizuna Akari, as well as their respective VOCALOID packages.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • They are the illustrator for the popular light novel series, Spice and Wolf.

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Tsurumaki Maki, Haruno Sora, and Kyomachi Seika: Umetani Atarō[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Haruno Sora VOICEROID2.png
Tsurumaki Maki.png Kyomachi Seika.jpg

Umetani Atarō (梅谷阿太郎) is the illustrator of Tsurumaki Maki, Kyomachi Seika, and Haruno Sora. They are also the illustrator of the VOCALOIDs Kaai Yuki and Hiyama Kiyoteru, as well as Macne Nana's VOCALOID4 package.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Umetani Atarō is a pen name, and their real name is unknown. They have no social media that is known to the public.

Yoshida-kun: Ryo Ono[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Yoshida-kun.png

Ryo Ono (FROGMAN) is the illustrator (and voice provider) of Yoshida-kun, as well as the creator of Eagle Talon, the flash animation that Yoshida-kun originates from.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • FROGMAN is the voice provider of multiple characters from Eagle Talon, though Yoshida-kun is the only VOICEROID originating from it.

Tsukuyomi Ai & Shouta: Ittomaru[edit | edit source]

Filoyo.jpg Tsukuyomi Ai.png Tsukuyomi Shouta.png

Ittomaru (一斗まる) is the illustrator of Tsukuyomi Ai and Tsukuyomi Shouta.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • They are also the illustrator for the popular VOCALOID song Senbonzakura.

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