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Meta-template for building navboxes. A navbox is a grouping of links used in multiple related articles to facilitate navigation between those articles. See {{Navbox subgroup}} for sublist within a navbox.

See the Wikipedia Navbox template for full function.


Please remove the parameters that are left blank.

|bodyclass  = 
|name       = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|title      = 
|titleclass = 
|image      = 
|above      = 
|state      = 

|group1     = 
|list1      = 

|group2     = 
|list2      = 
|group20    = 
|list20     = 

|below      = 


Parameter list

The navbox uses lowercase parameter names, as shown in the box (at right). The mandatory name and title will create a one-line box if other parameters are omitted.

Notice "group1" (etc.) is optional, as are sections named "above/below".

The basic and most common parameters are as follows (see below for the full list):

bodyclass - applies an HTML class attribute to the entire navbox.
name - the name of the template.
title - text in the title bar, such as: [[Widget stuff]].
titleclass - applies an HTML class attribute to the title bar.
state - controls when a navbox is expanded or collapsed.
titlestyle - a CSS style for the title-bar, such as: background:gray;
groupstyle - a CSS style for the group-cells, such as: background:#eee;
image - an optional right-side image, coded as the whole image. Typically it is purely decorative, so it should be coded as [[Image:XX.jpg|90px|link=|alt=]].
imageleft - an optional left-side image (code the same as the "image" parameter).
above - text to appear above the group/list section (could be a list of overall wikilinks).
groupn - the left-side text before list-n (if group-n omitted, list-n starts at left of box).
listn - text listing wikilinks, often separated by middot templates, such as: [[A]] • [[B]]
below - optional text to appear below the group/list section.
Further details, and complex restrictions, are explained below under section Parameter descriptions. See some alternate navbox formats under: Layout of table.