Tohoku Kiritan
Biographical information
Profile Female ● 11 Yo
Voice Himika Akaneya
Illustrator Edomura Ninico
Technical information
Release date October 27, 2016
Website Product page

Tohoku Kiritan (東北きりたん) is a VOICEROID for a VOICEROID PROJECT by SSS Co., Ltd., the same company that created Tohoku Zunko, an older sister of Kiritan. She was released on October 27, 2016.

Her voice provider is Himika Akaneya.

Voice descriptionEdit

Contrary to her sister Zunko's energetic voice, Kiritan has a calm yet almost emotionless voice.

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Originally she and her elder sister Tohoku Itako were UTAU voicebank, in mid-April 2016 Kiritan began a campaign to become a Voiceroid. Her entry into Voiceroid was similar to Kyomachi Seika's.[1] The campaign was set to run until 18th of May 2016, with a goal of ¥4,500,000 needed. On April 29th, she surpassed this amount.[2]


Her name is inspired by kiritanpo, a pounded rice that is shaped into cylinders like the ones on her back.



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