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Tohoku Zunko
Zunko Illustration
Biographical information
Profile Female ● 17 Yo ● 157cm
Voice Satomi Satō
Illustrator Edomura Ninico
Technical information
Release date September 28, 2012
Website Product page

Official Website

Tohoku Zunko (東北ずん子) is a VOICEROID developed by AH-Software in collaboration with SSS Co., Ltd.. She is the second of the VOICEROID+ voices to have a VOCALOID library. As a VOICEROID, she was released in September 28, 2012, it was two years later that her VOCALOID3 voice bank was released in June 5, 2014. Her software was later upgraded to VOICEROID+ EX in 2015.

Her voice provider is Satomi Satō, who is notable for providing the voice for the character Ritsu Tainaka from the Japanese music anime "K-ON!".[1].

Voice descriptionEdit

Zunko's voice was designed to have a warm feeling to it.

Voice sample(s)Edit


She was originally created to help promote the recovery of the Tōhoku region, which was the region devastated on March 11, 2011, by a major earthquake and tsunami. Her character design is based on a zundamochi, a Tōhoku specialty, which is a traditional sweet made of green soybean paste.

She can also be purchased with the Movie Pro MX software.[2]

Compared to previous VOICEROID+ software, Zunko is much improved with upgrades on the UI. The ability to adjust strength of intonation has been added, as well as the ability to insert pauses directly into the tuning screen. Users can also directly use ruby pronunciation markers in the text. It also reads text up to 4x fast and can output 22.1kHz sample-rate audio files.[3]

A fundraising campaign was in effect with the goal of creating a VOCALOID voicebank for Zunko if the required funds (¥5,000,000) were met by July 20th. [4] Since then, the campaign was successful and her VOCALOID was released in June 2014.


Zunko has a basic terms of use policy. After registering with the owners, Tōhoku region based companies can use her for advertisements and doujin works.


Zunko has had several polyester straps made for her manufactured by the company S・O・F・T . [5]

Android Smartphone WidgetEdit

There has been a Android smartphone widget created for Zunko. The widget is simply training a chibi Zunko in her archery skills, gaining experience points to earn new levels where, on a certain level players can unlock wallpapers for their phone. After a certain amount of training Zunko will grow tired, and players have the option to replenish her energy by giving her a break and her energy goes back to normal over time, or they can prepare and give her Zunda Mochi to heal her. It is available in the Android Marketplace but only in Japanese.[6]

iOS AppEdit

An iOS app is currently under development for Zunko. The game is set to be released around the end of October and will be completely free of charge.[7]


  • Is the first VOICEROID to be produced with a crowdfunding campaign.
  • Zunko's straps come with a short bio for her:
    • Her hobbies are archery and making cakes.
    • Her dreams for the future are to own her own cafe in Tokyo.
  • Zunko is the only VOICEROID that will solely work on Japanese-local Windows computers.



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