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Tsurumaki Maki (弦巻マキ) is a Japanese VOICEROID+ voicebank by AH-Software Co. Ltd.. She is capable of speaking and was the first female voice for the plus engine, released November 12th, 2010. Her software was later upgraded to VOICEROID+ EX on October 30th, 2014. Her migration to CeVIO AI (as well as her incursion into the Synthesizer V AI singing engine) was announced on December 25, 2020.[1]

The voice provider of her VOICEROID bank is Tomoe Tamiyasu (民安ともえ; Tamiyasu Tomoe), which is the official name of the product.[2] The voice provider of her Synthesizer V and CeVIO AI banks is Manami Tanaka (田中真奈美; Tanaka Manami).[3]


Maki's character first appeared as one of the mascot characters of Jam Band (jamバンド). This is a special edition of "Music Maker Producer Edition" which is a DAW released by AH-Software. Maki plays the guitar in her band with the other mascot characters.

She lives alone with her father, because her mother died very young. She wants to buy a dachshund. Her father was a band musician; when Maki was born, he retired from music and opened his cafeteria named "Maki", where his food specialty is seasoned eggs.[4]

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: Private
  • Height: Private
  • Weight: Private
  • Favorite Phrase: "Go go gyungyun!" (「ぎゅんぎゅん行くよー!」; Gyungyun iku yō!)
  • Special Move: Great Electric Fire (グレート・エレキ・ファイヤー)
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Guitar Type: Fender Mustang
  • Leader of: Jam Band
  • Birthday: September 15th
  • Sign: Virgo
  • Blood Type: A+
  • Favorite Food: Lasagna
  • Hated Food: None
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Historical Figure: Mother Teresa of Calcutta
  • She is not good with word games.
  • Hobbies: Watching sports, watching movies, reading.
  • Favorite Movies: Streets of Fire, Strictly Ballroom.


Work in Progress


She is a young adult with blonde hair and green eyes. She wears a stylized school uniform consisting of a cream colored top, brown collar with a yellow ribbon, brown pleated skirt, striped stockings, and brown boots. Her accessories include alternating red and white hair beads and black headphones.

Her interface features her Jam Band costume, a white blouse with a tie and open chest area revealing a red top followed by a skirt, socks, and platform shoes. The accessories are black arm sleeves and a headset. This is the costume seen on her VOICEROID interface.


  • Jam Band - A female music group that includes a robot.



A contest to design a new outfit for Maki was held from March 26 to April 30, 2020. The contest winners were revealed May 15th, 2020[5], with one grand prize winner, two runner ups, six honorable mentions, and three select choices from Umetani Atarō, LESS Kitayama, and Tomohide Ogata. Every winning design, including the honorable mentions, will be made into official merchandise for Maki.[6]

On July 30th, 2020, the official illustration of the Grand Prize design, illustrated by Umetani Atarō, was revealed and added to the contest page.[7]

On December 25, 2020, AH-Software's YouTube channel published a video announcing her CeVIO AI and Synthesizer V AI voicebanks. She will have both Japanese and English banks for each of both synth engines.[1] Her voice provider for these banks is Manami Tanaka.[8]


Tsurumaki Maki
In comparison to the previous vocals, Tsukuyomi Shouta and Tsukuyomi Ai, Maki is a mature female voice. Maki is the first VOICEROID not to have censorship. Her target audience is adults.



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Her success lead to an additional voicebank for VOICEROID+ EX as well as an update for her illustration.

  • First female voice for the VOICEROID+ engine.
  • Second female VOICEROID to be updated to VOICEROID+ EX.
  • First VOICEROID character with an additional backstory.
  • Third VOICEROID character to have CeVIO AI voicebank.
  • Fifth VOICEROID character to have Synthesizer V voicebank (fourth released VOICEROID to have Synthesizer V bank).



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