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This page will attempt to cover the uses of the Voiceroid series.

What some users fail to notice is that the software actually has several practical functions which may or may not be obvious. Here is just a few of those examples.

List[edit | edit source]

  • Teaching/education; The voiceroid software can be used to teach younger children how to say words or as a general teaching tool. They can also use the software for specific teaching purposes as the samples can be reused over and over for certain things. Therefore a teacher may use the software to construct a demonstration and re-use the same vocal sample for various different classes.
  • Music; Voiceroid is able to produce speaking samples which can be manipulated for various uses in music. With audio tuning software it can also be made to "sing" although this is not the primary goal of the voiceroid software.
  • Videos; as a commentator or announcer; some Nico Nico Douga users feel their voice is not suitable for this and instead use the software for this purpose.
  • Performances; as well as using them for commentary, voiceroid is also used for voice performers to act out a story or characters in some videos. Each character is assigned one of the voiceroids.
  • Site navigation; can be used as a site navigator.
  • Voiceroid Dramas or Gameplay videos; This is popular throughout Korea and Japan by using Voiceroid Characters directly and uploading them to tvple, Nico Nico Douga, and Youtube, Recently a Korean Voiceroid Wiki has been created to list 200+ korean users to organize them into one list.

Limits[edit | edit source]

  • The software does not naturally do music without manipulation and often sound like they are "talking" rather than "singing" if not done correctly.
  • Like other vocal synthesisers, Voiceroid sounds unnatural or "robotic" and often has digital noise, although it is often regarded as one of the more natural sounding speech synthesisers.
  • They have trouble expressing emotion. Although several come with the ability to change their tone of voice slightly they do not easily express tone that well.
  • You are limited by the licensing on what you can do with the software on legal grounds.

Examples of Use[edit | edit source]

Jabber-Word Maki and Yukari ver1.02

Tsurumaki Maki and Yuzuki Yukari tongue twister battle.

あ A Text to speech example

Tsukuyomi Ai text-to-speech use.

あ A Assassin's Creed Brotherhood play-by-play

Various Voiceroids used for general game-play chatter.

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