Chihiro IshiguroEdit

Chihiro Ishiguro

Chihiro Ishiguro (石黒 千尋 Ishiguro Chihiro) is the voice provider for Yuzuki Yukari.

Chihiro's name was undisclosed at the initial distribution of Yukari. AHS made a brief announcement that Yukari's voice was from "a woman with mellow and clear vocal". It was not until Yukari's first anniversary on December 22, 2012 that she disclosed herself in a Nicocast.

Satomi SatōEdit


Satomi Satō (佐藤 聡美; Satō Satomi) is the voice provider for Touhoku Zunko.

She is also well known for her performance as Ritsu Tainaka from the Japanese anime music show "K-ON!".

Tomoe TamiyasuEdit


Tomoe Tamiyasu (民安 ともえ; Tamiyasu Tomoe) is the voice provider for Tsurumaki Maki.

She is known for voicing characters in adult-oriented (erotic) games.

Yui SakakibaraEdit

Yui Sakakibara

Yui Sakakibara (榊原ゆい; Sakakibara Yui) is the voice provider for Kotonoha Akane・Aoi.

She is well known as FES from Phantasm band for Chaos;Head.

Rika TachibanaEdit


Rika Tachibana (TBA; Tachibana Rika) is the voice provider for Kyomachi Seika.


Himika AkaneyaEdit


Himika Akaneya (茜屋日海夏 (あかねやひみか); Akaneya Himika) is the voice provider for Tohoku Kiritan.

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