Yoshida-Kun (吉田くん) is a Japanese VOICEROID+ voicebank developed by AH-Software Co. Ltd. in collaboration with DLE. He is capable of speaking and was the first and only male voice of the plus engine, released October 22nd, 2010.[1] His software was later upgraded to VOICEROID+ EX on October 30th, 2014.

His voice provider is Ryo Ono (FROGMAN) (小野 陵; Ono Ryo).

Concept[edit | edit source]

Yoshida is a character from the flash animation series, "Eagle Talon". This organization is bent on conquering the world, however, these stories are often silly and all their attempts are met with failure.

In this series, Yoshida is the Lieutenant with a childlike height and appearance.

His birthday is July 27.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The only name given is Yoshida (吉田) which translates as 'lucky ricefield'. The honorific of -kun (くん) is likely due to his senior status among the group.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He is a twenty-four year old male with brown hair and black eyes. He wears a costume consisting of a red face mask, red sleeved shirt, blue shorts, and yellow shoes. He appears to have a permanent scowl on his face.

Relations[edit | edit source]

  • Eagle Talon - A secret society based in Kojimachi, Tokyo.

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Marketing[edit | edit source]

Because of his role in Eagle Talon, he was the first VOICEROID released to have merchandise on sale for him. Despite being the most recognized from Eagle Talon, Yoshida was from an early flash animation SGuy and the Family Stone by the same producers.

Voicebanks[edit | edit source]

A mature male vocal in comparison to Tsukuyomi Shouta. As his voiced is based on that of his character's vocal performance, leads to his vocal sounding slightly odd. He is not aimed at a mature audience and contains censorship of certain words.

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His success lead to an additional voicebank for VOICEROID+ EX.

  • First third-party VOICEROID developed and released.
  • First and only Japanese male voice for the VOICEROID+ engine.
  • First and only DLE VOICEROID released.
  • First VOICEROID revealed to be voiced by their voice provider and creator.
  • Second male VOICEROID to be updated to the VOICEROID+ EX.
  • Is an established character in another series.


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